Why Collect Art ?   To Step into a Distinctive Lifestyle  and  Make Your Portfolio Healthier

How to Start ?             Imagine Art Services can be Your Partner 

                                   Acquire Knowledge and Information in the Art Market with Experienced Art Consultants  will be Provided

Imagine Art Services will Optimize Your  Investments  in  Art Acquisiton , Collection & Sale 


Activities of Imagine Art Services are mainly dedicated to individuals and companies interested in the collection and acquisition of knowledge in the field of International Modern and Contemporary Art.

Competent professional counselors best meet the requirements of clients, be intermediaires between the collectors and art sellers. Indeed,  Eunju PARK, writer of < Collector > , journalist, curator, lecturer and art agent works in partnership with  Pierre STERCKX,  Ami BARAK and the other Art Market Specialists who has over 30 years of experience as an art consultant and art critic, curator ,professor,writer . They discuss each individual preferences through a personalized search.

Imagine Art Sevices has a two-fold mission:

On the one hand, to ensure the best satisfaction for financial investors with an effective purchasing strategy. We select excellent works among the most proven in the market in order to maximize the gain. The goal is to seize the opportunity to buy or sell authentic art works with the greatest profits  possible.

On the other hand, to pave the way to  sponsorship of contemporary art and enrich the lifestyle of each client, by bringing the benefits of the sophisticated world of modern & contemporary art . Accompanied by  Eunju PARK , customers can acquire practical knowledge of the current art market. They will participate on to guided tours to international art fairs, conferences and other news events.

Imagine Art Services wants to accompagny you in your passion for art. Not only with the aim of optimizing your collection profit through rigorous advice, but also for personal enrichment and strengthening your interest in this area.